Anker Projects
Economic Development
Stimulating local economic development

Building the capacity of local workers and firms is one of the most promising ways to stimulate local economic development

We design and execute skill-building programs that enable workers to meet project needs and prepare for employment opportunities beyond construction. Further, ANKER conducts programs that help local suppliers and contractors develop critical skills to be more competitive in future opportunities — whether with ANKER or other projects.

In many parts of the world, our projects can attract significant numbers of potential workers, especially in areas where a project is a rare opportunity for employment or income. ANKER’s early planning and systematic approach help us avoid the effects of unmanaged worker influx, which can trigger conflict and other socio economic tensions. Our workforce and camp management program is based on a consultative process involving our customer, government authorities, workers and communities.

This process enables us to select the optimal site location, identify community issues, demographics and cultures to avoid potential conflicts and maximize the camp’s positive effects on host communities.