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Our History
Iconic projects throughout the years

In 1985, while working his startup career as an apprentice fitter & machinist in a large shipyard, he later qualified in engineering, finance & operational management working himself up the ranks in several reputable multinational engineering construction & project management companies, delivering very large International megaprojects successfully.

In his walks of life he had the privilege and met with several top class experts who seemed to have one common thing in place. They all seemed to have been caught up enslaving themselves for a job at big companies who don’t really care about each person in the business despite practice what they preach to the market.

All they cared for is how to enrich themselves and to satisfy the greed of investors and shareholders and give very little back to employees. “Caring for employees” who contribute to their financial successes is just a fallacy in most of these companies.

In search of how engineering construction projects work and new opportunities actually work, led to a successful idea based on formulating on the past successes of top class selected employees who began to formulate ANKER’s epic journey that span more than a decade of building the business, eventually executing projects in more than 27 countries - much of the globe.

Each employee is a beneficiary of our company wealth that is generated. We reward for exceptional talent and we encourage a solution mind-set culture instead of a problem mind-set attitude. As a result we have been increasingly growing financially and earn our reputation for delivering projects on time with great quality within/under budget, SAFELY.

As a result of our culture our people are highly committed team players that have a passion for building a sustainable company doing repeat business with those who wish to be treated with respect, dignity and sincerity without being compromised by ulterior motives.

As a result of his beliefs and what clients want from a contractor, a dire need for clients is to engage with real companies who sincerely believe in collaboration with their employees and clients alike. Those daily project challenges is tackled and converted into practical solutions to all who benefit from the successes in a project, rather than appointing large corporate companies to execute their highly valued projects at the benefit of a few.