Anker Projects
Startup / Operations
Start-up, management and operations, and maintenance support

The organization is staffed with a multidisciplinary pool of talent, including experts in skill areas such as systems engineering, instrumentation and controls, rotating equipment, high-voltage electrical generation and transmission, water chemistry and wastewater treatment process operations, systems integration, process controls and tuning and optimization.

Plant operability reviews

Test-program development

Facility startup and commissioning

Procedure development

Turnkey commissioning

Operations and maintenance training

Facility operations

Facility outage support

Facility inspections

Process safety management

Start-up, management and operations and maintenance support

  • Nuclear, thermal, renewable and hydropower stations
  • Transmission substations and switchyards
  • LNG and other hydrocarbon process plants (upstream and downstream)
  • Petrochemical process plants
  • Pipelines, compressor stations and pumping stations
  • Makeup water and wastewater treatment plants
  • National laboratories
  • Hazardous waste remediation, verification and neutralization
  • Alumina refineries, aluminium smelters and copper concentrators
  • Coal export terminals and large-scale material handling systems
  • Rail systems
  • Airport infrastructure and communications systems 

We have delivered highly complex projects in some of the most challenging environments, contributing to the evolution of the engineering industry, the job skills and the economic well-being of people on multiple continents. We use a full-spectrum approach to develop, design, build, operate and decommission projects. Environmental, social, economic and quality factors are integrated into our projects to promote positive, lasting effects from our projects and operations.

ANKER uses technology and data analytics to deliver the next generation of engineering and construction projects. This enables us to identify the best design alternatives and evaluate measures to enhance the life cycle associated with design elements. Alternative analysis can include measures to minimize carbon emissions, protect and conserve natural resources, protect human well-being and promote resilience against climate changes. ANKER has a core of engineers trained in sustainability, with credentials including LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology). Learn more about our innovative engineering on the Cross rail project.